• How to get a saved (Wifi) Password in MacOSx

    Short description of how to get a password e.g. Wifi Password in MacOSx.

    1. Open Spotlight Search by clicking on the magnifier at the bottom right of the taskbar or by using the keyboard combination Command + space

    2. Search for Keychain Access and open it

  • Ruby conditions if..else.. and RuboCop guard clause etc. ...

    Examples of how to make if else clauses in Ruby nicer and avoid rubocop errors like

    Favor modifier if usage when having a single-line body. Another good alternative is the usage of control flow &&/||.

    Use self-assignment shorthand +=.

    Use a guard clause instead of wrapping the code inside a conditional expression.

  • Write your own AWS Ansible module

    To write our own Ansible module for using AWS services, we can rely on the already integrated utility for AWS which allows us to connect to the AWS services in an very easy way.

    Let’s assume we want to write a module to download and upload a object from S3 and save it to a path we define.

  • Python statements/conditions

    Following operators can be used in a loop or to check conditions in a if…else… statement:

    Check Boolean
    not False
    Check Int/String
    < 	less than
    <= 	less than or equal to
    > 	greater than
    >= 	greater than or equal to
    == 	equal
    != 	not equal
  • Managing ssh connection with an jumphost in between

    My useful SSH/SCP commands to work with a Jumphost, but never want to touch it.

    Open a Shell on the remot host

    To connect a Unix machine which is only accessible via a jumphost directlty, you need to store your public key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_key file on the jumphost. Afterwards you can access the remote host using following commands:

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